Your Donations at Work
5345 persons reached by the education programs in 8700 hours of contact from Oct. 2009 to Sept. 2010. The Friends group is helping introduce children and adults to the wonders of nature by helping to provide materials used by Peggy Spring, the Park’s Education Coordinator

Friends of Friedrich Wilderness Park—Competitive Grant Highlights
We raise a good deal of money from membership dues and additional donations made by our members and other park users, which we spend or save in keeping with our mission and strategic plan.. But, we also pursue and apply for additional funds for grants specifically targeted to non-profit groups whose mission supports parks and environmental preservation, as well as public education. Below is a list of major grants we have received in the last ten years, and the projects they have helped to fund.

2012 – Trails Grant
Funded by Texas Parks and Wildlife
In May we received a $ 76,700 grant to be matched for a project value of $111,000 for the evaluation and construction of new trails in the Woodland Hills acreage adjacent to FWP on the west and north side. Upon completion there will be five additional miles of hiking trails which can be accessed from the Main Loop Trail. Work will begin on the project in the early fall with anticipated trail opening in August 2013.

2012 – Fencing Grant
Funded by US Fish and Wildlife Service
In March of 2011 a proposal was submitted and in August 2012 Friends wereawarded $10,000 to be matched with $10,000 of our funds to erect 7-foot fencing for the very rare bracted twistflower. Exclosures are needed as the plants are attractive food for foragers such as deer. Rancho Diana has one of the two known locations for these flowers within Bexar County. Only a handful of locations are known and all are in Central Texas. The exclosure will encompass approximately 2.5 acres. The anticipated date of completion is February 2013..

2010—Friedrich Park Entryway Project
Funded by Texas Parks and Wildlife, Urban Outdoor Grant

In the Summer of 2010, we received our most ambitious grant yet, one which now allows us to realize the preliminary planning work already undertaken for the Friedrich Park entry area. This project represents a collaboration among Texas Parks and Wildlife ($112,600.00 grant), City of San Antonio (approximately $40,000.00 in funds, labor, and equipment), and the FFWP (up to $50,000 in funds). We are very proud of the success of this partnership, which will culminate in a new entry kiosk, walkways, benches, interpretive signs, and landscaping. Work will begin in 2011.

2009/2010—Field Trip Support
Funded by the Brackenridge Foundation
In 2009, FFWP successfully applied for $5,450.00 from the Brackenridge Foundation’s Educational Projects and Cultural Programs fund. This money served to support hands-on field trips to Eisenhower Park by first and second graders in disadvantaged elementary schools in the Harlandale, Northside, and Judson Independent School Districts. It paid for bus transportation, a pre-tour teaching experience, an inquiry-based nature hike, follow-up instructional materials for teachers, and a take-home resource for students. After submitting our progress report for the 2009 effort, the Foundation granted our application for an additional $7,900.00 in 2010.

2006—Crownridge Canyon Natural Area Interpretive Entry Project
Funded by City of San Antonio, Arts in the Community Program
In 2006, FFWP was awarded a $14,000.00 grant to enhance the CCNA entryway with educational art. We worked with artists Oscar Alvarado and Jeannette MacDougall to conceptualize and produce a mosaic mural and several illustrated, educational panels, all emphasizing the natural and cultural attributes of this unique property—the first Proposition 3 land to be opened to the public. The installation succeeds in conveying the beauty, rarity, and value of this property in a way that words alone cannot. For several months after the unveiling, we surveyed visitors on their reaction to the work, and the response was strongly supportive and appreciative. We are also happy to report that the work is standing the test of time quite well. While the sun fades the interpretive panels over the years, we have had them replaced with inexpensive, vibrant fresh copies.

2006—Tree-mendous Year Program
Funded by City of San Antonio Development Services Department
In 2006, FFWP received an Educational Grant of $1,300.00 from the Department. The funds were used to purchase materials to educate participants in Natural Areas tours on our native trees. Both adults and children benefitted from the educational value of color photo guides, as well as models of leaves, seeds, and tree cross-sections.

2006—Wild Week Camp, et al.
Funded by San Antonio Water System Environmental and Educational Awareness Mini-Grant
This grant of $1,475.00 supported the purchase of a variety of supplies used in educational projects for young people attending the Wild Week Camp and other classes throughout the year. The projects emphasized an understanding of local water systems, geology, and climate/weather. The supplies will be used for years to come

2003—Field Checklist of Birds
Funded by Allegra Print & Imaging
In 2003, we received$450.00 toward an upgrade and reprinting of the Field Checklist of Birds, available to visitors at Friedrich Park and other natural areas. These funds allowed us to update the old black and white flyer to a more informative, user-friendly, and color version.

2002—Membership Enhancement Plan
Funded by the City of San Antonio Neighborhood Fund
In 2002, two members of the FFWP Board of Directors were selected to attend a series of workshops sponsored by the City to help non-profit groups and homeowner’s associations increase their membership. At the end of the program, FFWP was awarded $750.00 to use for these purposes. This training and the funds prompted the initiation of our membership drives in Friedrich Park. It also supported the purchase of various supplies and premiums to build this effort.

2000—Park Frontage Master Plan
Funded by the San Antonio Area Foundation
In 2000, the Friends of Friedrich Wilderness Park successfully applied for a $15,000.00 grant from the San Antonio Area Foundation, for the production of a Park Frontage Master Plan. This Plan served as a crucial intermediary document in the planning process for the frontage area, and followed the adoption of general guidelines proposed in a 1997 Conceptual Master Plan. The Park Frontage Master Plan, prepared by Rialto Studios, Inc., presented an outline of specific improvements to the parking lot and trailhead area, in order to enhance visitor enjoyment and maximize ecosystem protection. This Plan will, in turn, be used as the baseline guide for the entryway improvement project of 2010, outlined below.