Mission Statement

The purpose of the organization is to:
a. Promote conservation and management of Friedrich Wilderness Park and Crownridge Canyon Natural Area as nature preserves.
b. Promote public understanding and appreciation of the natural environment through educational and scientific programs, and other means.
c. Inform the public of the importance of the Natural Areas in human existence.

Goals (b) and (c) shall be subservient to goal (a).



  • Ensure the Future Preservation of Friedrich Wilderness Park and Crownridge Canyon Natural Area Through Oversight and Advocacy Efforts
  • Enhance Public Awareness and Understanding of these Preserves as Biological Refuges and Educational Resources
  • Contribute to Master Planning Efforts in the Preserves
  • Support the Protection and Appreciation of Open Spaces and Endangered Species in the Preserves and in the Region
  • Pursue Grant Funding for Vital Capital, Scientific, and Educational Projects
  • Promote Volunteerism in the Natural Areas
  • Communicate with Our Members Through Newsletters and Our Website
  • Increase the Size and Strength of Our Group


  • Successful Advocacy for Responsible Stewardship of Friedrich Wilderness Park, Crownridge Canyon, and Environs
  • Master Planning
  • Support for Land Management and Operation of the Preserves
  • Staff Development Funding
  • Volunteer Support
  • Research and Education Support
  • Quarterly Newsletter and Annual Membership Meetings
  • Grants Received for Capital Improvements, Membership, Growth Efforts, Crownridge Canyon Natural Area, Interpretive Entryway, Land Acquisition,Master Planning
  • Summer Camps for Young People
  • Friends of Friedrich Wilderness Park Website