Fall 2011 Newsletter

FOFWP Annual Membership Meeting — Guided hikes, hot lunch, and program at Friedrich Wilderness Park

Saturday, October 22, 2011 Meet at the FWP Classroom

  • 10:15 AM Your choice of morning hikes with NA staff
  • LUNCH at noon ($12.50 adult, $6 for children under 12)
  • After lunch hikes

A short (in distance and ease) hike will be offered in the morning. We will discuss windmills and view a model of the windmill. Then native plant expert Lottie Milsaps will conduct the tour to the park’s windmill and back, identifying and talking about plants.

Long (distance) hikes will be offered morning and after lunch. Natural Areas biologist Jayne Neal will conduct a morning ethnobotany hike with Janis Merritt. The hike will stay on trail so it is suitable for anyone who wants a nice walk and talk. Natural Areas biologist Wendy Leonard will conduct a hike into the northern Woodland Hills parcel. This hike will be more strenuous than others as there are no developed trails and some very steep climbs.

For our lunchtime program, Jayne Neal and Wendy Leonard will discuss new discoveries in the Natural Areas. Dr. Kelly Lyons of Trinity University will present on savannah restoration studies in the Natural Areas. Natural Areas Superintendent Eric Lautzenheiser will talk about the new trailhead project for Friedrich Wilderness Park. And Peggy Spring, who has just received the Texas Outstanding Environmental Educator Award from the Texas Association for Environmental Education, will review the exceptional environmental education accomplishments supported by the Friends and Natural Areas.

After lunch Jayne will offer a hike to take us to some of the areas where we have done management and will also include a close look at water bars—how they are made, maintained, and what they are designed to accomplish. This hike will be suitable for people who are willing to walk up steep, rocky surfaces and who want to learn more about the work we are doing to restore savannahs, maintain golden-cheeked warbler habitat, and protect the hydrology of the park.

You are welcome to bring guests who are not Friends. Meal prices for guests are the same as those detailed above.

RSVP: Please call 372-9124 and/or mail checks to “Friends of Friedrich Annual Meeting”, 21395 Milsa, San Antonio, TX 78256, by October 17, 2011. In case of very inclement weather, the meeting is rescheduled for October 29. Call 413-9984 for an update.

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